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Weekly Workouts + What I Ate in a Day

HIIT Workout stretch

Hello, everyone! Remember all my posts a couple months ago where I went on and on about how I just couldn’t find the right balance? Between being a momma to Aiden, weekly workouts, cooking and cleaning, keeping up with blog posts, creating recipes, and my daytime job, I just could not seem to get everything done. I was exhausted. Extremely tired. It got to the point where I would get really down on myself, especially about working out. Many of you know I used to be a personal trainer, so my lack of motivation to get to the gym after having a baby was really taking a toll on my confidence, my mental health, and my happiness.

See, it was tough. By the time I got home from work, fed the baby, made dinner, ate, and walked Riley, it was 7:30pm and the last thing I wanted to do was get into my workout clothes and head to the gym. I just wanted to get into my comfy pajamas, plop on the couch with my boys, and watch a movie. Working out in the morning was tough too, because AJ leaves for work by 4:45am and if I wanted to workout at around 5am, it would be tough to find someone to watch Aiden. So, I kept using both of these situations as excuses to not getting to the gym.

Well guys, I am finally getting out of that rut! For the last few weeks, I’ve been dropping Aiden off at daycare at 7am (about 2-3 days a week) and heading to the gym. This only gives me about 45 minutes before I need to get ready for work, so I seriously kill it each time. I do about a 10-15 minute warm up and then 30 minutes of HIIT. It’s honestly done so much more for me than physical effects. I go to work with more energy, my metabolism has dramatically increased, and my mentality on the situation is so so so much healthier. When I go home from work at night, I’m no longer stressing about not working out. I can relax. I can watch a movie, go on a long walk, blog, or just cuddle with Aiden. And I never feel guilty or bad about it.

I’ve also been really focusing on what I put into my body. I’ve been eating a lot more plant-based protein, veggies, lean meats, healthy fats (a LOT of healthy fats), and fruits as my carbs. I really don’t eat outside those guidelines. That being said, if my body is craving oatmeal or quinoa (which I’ve found beneficial when my milk supply is low), then I incorporate some into one of my meals.

This past weekend I was really ill (like really bad) and I was craving cereals, toast and pasta. While loads and loads of those things aren’t always best for my body specifically, I felt a lot better afterwards. I am all about listening to my body. I do have a slight issue with portion control, and I’ve been working really hard on that by drinking a lot of water, filling up on veggies, and making sure I have those healthy fats (avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut, etc.) in every single meal.

So today I am doing something a little bit different and sharing my past weekly workouts and what I eat in a day (on a normal, non-sick day!). I am hoping to feel like a million bucks again by tomorrow, so that next week when I share the next weekly workouts, you’ll have something somewhat impressive to look at.
Have a great week, everyone!

What I ate in a day

Breakfast: Mocha smoothie (banana, protein powder, espresso, almond milk, almond butter, cocoa nibs, and ice)

Mid morning snack: Protein bar and strawberries

Lunch: Huge salad (spring mix salad, sugar snap peas, carrots, sweet peppers, veggie mix salsa, avocado, pumpkin seeds, and chicken)

Mid afternoon snack: homemade trail mix (almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, goji berries, coconut chips)

Dinner: Grilled Salmon and a lot of roasted veggies

Night-time snack: Berries and frozen mango (because I loooove desserrrrt!)

Weekly Workouts

HIIT workout jump squats weekly workouts

Monday: Active Rest Day (walked 3.5 miles)

Tuesday: HIIT Leg Focused Workout & Stairclimber

Warmup: Stairclimber Sprints [1.5 minute on level 8, 30 seconds on max level]

Circuit: Complete entire circuit 2-3 times total

Mountain Climbers (5 each side) with Push Up (2) [5 times]

Bulgarian Split Squats [10 each side]

180-degree squat jumps [10 each side]

Deadlifts [15 total]

Kettlebell Swings [15 total]

Weighted Squats [15 total]

Wednesday: Active Rest Day (walked 3.5 miles)

Thursday: HIIT Upper Body Focused Workout & 1 Mile Run

Warmup: Walk 2 minutes, Run 1 mile

Circuit: Complete entire circuit 2-3 times total

Weighted Burpees with Push Press [10 times]

Clean and Press [10 times]

Speed Jump Rope [1 minute]

One Arm Dumbell Row [10 each side]

Lat Pull Downs [10 total]

Push Ups [10 total]

Friday: Nada (Sick)

Saturday: Cardio Day: 3 Mile Run and 5+ Mile Walk (I didn’t have my best time because I was still feeling sick, but it felt good to get out of the house.)

Sunday: Nada (Still sick)

Always remember to stretch!

HIIT Workout stretch weekly workouts

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