sept-168-copyHi there! Im Jess. Glad you made it to my little slice of the pie. You now have insight to all my cooking and life adventures- both successes and mishaps. There are a lot of each.

Let me tell you a little bit about this slice of pie.

If you lack self control when it comes to food, enjoy flavor in every bite, but are also trying to balance those bad habits by doing it a bit healthier, you’re exactly where you should be. If you want recipes that are extremely complicated, perfectly precise, and purely organic, natural, and clean, you probably won’t find that here very often. I highly dislike complicated cooking and lose patience quickly. I can also be pretty messy in the kitchen.

Life is short, and I rarely live by the books. Instead, you will find a balance on these pages. Balance of food and balance of life. I love chocolate, wine, and cheese. I enjoy them regularly.  But I also love feeling amazing. I love taking some of our favorite recipes and cleaning them up so that they taste AMAZING (sometimes better than the original), but also make us feel AMAZING. Think sinfully delicious desserts that are actually, dare I say, healthy for you. You can’t feel guilty with [most] of the recipes on here.

And because I love feeling amazing, you’ll find little snid-bits and stories of my life that make me feel that way. Food. Workouts. Beauty. Fashion. Art. Ideas. Cafés. Travel. My little bambino. My love. Riley. Those kinds of things.

My goal is to inspire your creative minds to live a balanced life to the fullest. Skip that workout, but kill it twice as hard tomorrow. Eat that pan of brownies, but make this recipe instead. Splurge on that skirt you’ve been eyeing for weeks, but buy the matching shirt at the second hand store down the street. Have a second glass of wine, and then have a third.


Now let me tell you about the whole pie.

I’ve been creating recipes since 2010 but only became an expert (just kidding, not yet) of flavors about 4 years ago when I met Andrew. While he compromised healthy foods for flavor and tastebud satisfaction, I focused solely on the nutritional benefits. He ate bacon by the pound and cream cheese by the tub, and I ate plain kale by the bowl and hard boiled egg whites by the dozen. Together, we’ve created the balance with our cooking. Flavor and nutrition. Now, as new parents, we are cooking a lot more and getting more creative with what we throw together in our kitchen.

Andrew fixes planes and I am an operations manager for a consulting firm. Our son, Aiden, is literally our world. Just when we thought our love had reached its capacity, he came along and changed the game. Aiden keeps me company in the kitchen and Andrew helps me perfect my recipes. He is also an editor, so that helps. Oh, and Riley, our Goldendoodle, catches the crumbs.

So for your sake, make the recipes. For everyone else’s sake, share them. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of some of the most popular recipes from Honey & Spiced…

Sweet Potato Chorizo Hash

Double Mocha Muffins

Turkey Chili

Chunky Monkey Meets Fat Elvis

Roasted Squash Stuffed with Risotto and a Veggie-Pomegranate Medley


I love hearing from you. Seriously. Getting emails, comments, questions, feedback and interaction from my readers is a big part of what keeps me going and continuing to do what I love. So contact me via my contact form, shoot me a message on Facebook, tweet to me on Twitter, pin my recipes on Pinterest for later, or see the latest, greatest and the coming-soon all over on my Instagram. I will do my absolute best to get back to you in a timely manner. Now enjoy some pictures of my loves.


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